There are hundreds of thousands of people with special needs in Israel, but getting support or funding from the government is a long and exhausting process.  In addition, they will often not approve your eligibility due to such reasons as: owning more than one apartment, an injury that incurred in a motor vehicle accident, and more.  As a result, people with special needs and their families have to deal with and manage contractors that might be perfectly good at their job, but are not familiar with the world of accessibility.  Decisions revolving accessibility are crucial for people with special needs because making the right modifications can enable them to function despite their limitations.

Modifying the residence of a special needs person is about much more than simply widening doorframes and installing handicap railing. It is a process that has to be supervised by professionals who specialize in modifying homes for special needs people - professionals who can, first and foremost, identify the needs of the physically challenged person and be able to offer the best possible solution while taking into consideration the existing structure and the foreseeable progression of the person’s condition.  This will make the true needs of the disabled person more transparent to the family, will help them consider all the possible scenarios, and avoid future re-modifications to the home.  This will ensure quality of life and accessibility to areas such as the kitchen, dining room, bedroom, the garden, the study, the closets, etc.

About our company

“Nagish – Home Modifications for People with Special Needs” is the only company of its kind in Israel.  This stems from the fact that we have leading professionals from a variety of fields (especially from the world of accessibility) who can modify a house to the requirements of special needs people, and from the fact that we are also suppliers of equipment and accessories for people with special needs.  This combination makes us the only expert firm that delivers a complete solution from A to Z to this segment.

Nagish specializes in solutions that are based on civil engineering, construction, and renovations to people’s homes and structures.  Our unique ability to diagnose and assess a variety of disabilities (mainly motor disabilities) enable us to offer a customized solution for every person or condition, while taking all accessibility and functionality rules into consideration.

These are the three guidelines by which we direct every project we undertake:

  • Comfort and safety
  • Quality of life
  • Independence
We have developed world-class work processes and a world-class catalogue, so that we can make a real positive impact on people’s quality and standard of life.

The services that we offer:
  • Consulting
  • Planning
  • Legal counsel
  • Supervision of accessibility projects
  • Sales of equipment and accessories
  • Writing of expert opinions
  • Architectural and interior design services
  • We perform all renovations and accessible construction projects
  • We can locate for you houses and apartments that are either accessible, or would make good candidates for renovations

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You can also email us at info@nagish.co.il
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